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yuki precision
nao tokui

由紀精密 ×
Nao Tokui

yuki turning

Metal spins rapidly and cuts with precision. This display of power and delicacy gives birth to top-tier quality precision parts. Nao Tokui weaves together a minimal dub track by rearranging the variety of noises produced by the manufacturing processes at YUKI Precision, a company which has, over 60 years, cultivated machining skills for components in everything from aerospace technology like small-scale satellites, to medical equipment and electronics.



yuki precision

YUKI Precision Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1961. YUKI’s facilities in Japan include their headquarters/factory in Kanagawa Prefecture, a factory in Yokohama, and a Tokyo office. YUKI also has an overseas branch company in France. In addition to manufacturing products requiring precision-cutting technology, they provide design and development services, and refer to themselves as a “R&D Machining Shop.”


track maker

Nao Tokui

DJ/Artist/Researcher know for his releases on PROGRESSIVE FOrM and op.disc as well as his collaboration work with the late Nujabes. Was in charge of the production of a Brian Eno music video in 2016. Constantly experimenting with new things, such as live performances of “Back to Back” as a part of the “AI DJ Project.”



who made this

Naoya Tokunou

music mastering

Born in 1979 in Abashiri, Hokkaido. Began his career in 1999 as an engineer in Setagaya’s Heartbeat recording studio. Freelance from 2009. Currently based in Kyoto, working with various artists doing live PA work, recording, mixing, and mastering.

Yojiro Hochi


Born in Fukuoaka in 1985. Joined Pict in 2008. Began working as a cinematography in 2016.


Kenya Miyashita


Born in Nagano. Joined Dentsu Creative X in 2012. A member of Dentsu Craft Tokyo. Involved in this project as a producer and editor.