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goko hatsujo

五光発條 × Sountrive

goko bane

The coiling machine moves with a peerless precision. It is a scene of rows of robotic arms, motors and pumps regulating their movement, intricate gears, and a wide array of springs, pumped out endlessly. Sountrive captures organically the movements and sounds of this process of incredible efficiency. It is almost as if the machinery itself is creating its own polyphonic groove.

  • The manufacture of springs can be roughly divided into two methods: “rolling” and “bending”. In the case of this spring, it is first rolled, then bent, then bent back, and rolled a second time.

  • The metal wires in the center of the screen are sent in from the back and gradually altered by the tools situated around the rods.

  • The wire that is used to manufacture the springs. The type of metal wire that the springs are made from depends on the type spring being manufactured.

  • The devices inside the manufacturing machines are all fine tuned by engineers so that the wire is bent in exactly the right way.


goko hatsujo

Goko Hatsujo, Co., Ltd.

Goko is a small wire spring manufacturer founded in 1971. They have two factories in Japan, one in Yokohama, and one in Yamanashi, as well as factories in Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia. They specialize in designing, developing, and manufacturing ultra-precision springs. Their springs are used in everything from medical devices to cars and motorcycles. They can produce a single prototype, or fill monthly orders of tens of millions of units.


track maker

Sountrive (Kimitoshi Sato)

Sountrive is a track maker and sound designer. He uses modular synthesizers and software to create electronic music under the name Mother Tereco, and he has also used his own field recordings to design soundscapes for web content and public spaces. Under the name “Sountrive,” he has organized the club event CLAT. He is a “sound shaman,” combining techno and world music to bring together electronic city sounds and traditional dance music.



who made this

Naoya Tokunou

music mastering

Born in 1979 in Abashiri, Hokkaido. Began his career in 1999 as an engineer in Setagaya’s Heartbeat recording studio. Freelance from 2009. Currently based in Kyoto, working with various artists doing live PA work, recording, mixing, and mastering.



Born in 1984 in Kanagawa Prefecture. In addition to work, he remains involved in supporting NPOs using his original passion for photography and design. He also produces videos based on his experiences as a VJ.

Rintaro Shimohama

video director

Rintaro Shimohama takes the materials around him, the sights and sounds he experiences everyday, breaks them down, and rebuilds them into something new. He became interested in the factories, and is working as a director on this project.