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asai seisakusyo

浅井製作所 × Dorian

asai neji

This factory produces roughly 400,000 screws in one day. Countless screws fly through the air, are arranged into orderly lines, and are forged into a finished product. Dorian uses the rhythmic din echoing from the machinery used in this process to create a dazzling new techno track.

  • The main materials used in the screws production are metal rods. The production process begins with the metal being inserted into the machine that makes the head of the screws. The type of metal used depends on the variety of screw.

  • As the rods move from right to left, the front of the rod is made into a screw head. The rod is struck with an implement which creates an indentation in the shape of the desired type of screw head.

  • Although the interior cannot be seen in this video, inside these metal plates the spiral on the exterior of the screw is being made. The grooves on the inside surface of the plates do not cut, they press the pattern onto the screw.

  • In the final step, the tip of the screw is carved. Unfortunately, once again we are unable to see the process occurring in the machines interior.

  • A selection of the screws being manufactured by Asai Factory. This one factory is responsible for the production of a great variety of screws.


asai seisakusyo


Asai is a screw factory in the town of Soka, Saitama Prefecture. It churns out 400,000 screws a day, from standard style to slimhead. They operate their own website (, and can accommodate small custom orders. And in their “Screw Studio,” they sell fashion accessories made of real screws.


track maker


With live shows backed by his All-In-One Groove Machine, Dorian has gained the support of the urban dance music scene and produced three original albums. In recent years he has performed with Tatsuhiko Asano, played keyboard for Yohei Fujii, and worked as part of Dorian Quiet Session. He has remixed or written tracks for artists such as Tavito Nanao, Yake Nohara, Towa Tei, Hitomi Toi, VIDEOTAPEMUSIC, and DE DE MOUSE. He has aso written music for television commercials.



who made this

Naoya Tokunou

music mastering

Born in 1979 in Abashiri, Hokkaido. Began his career in 1999 as an engineer in Setagaya’s Heartbeat recording studio. Freelance from 2009. Currently based in Kyoto, working with various artists doing live PA work, recording, mixing, and mastering.



Born in 1984 in Kanagawa Prefecture. In addition to work, he remains involved in supporting NPOs using his original passion for photography and design. He also produces videos based on his experiences as a VJ.

Rintaro Shimohama

video director

Rintaro Shimohama takes the materials around him, the sights and sounds he experiences everyday, breaks them down, and rebuilds them into something new. He became interested in the factories, and is working as a director on this project.