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In small factories across Japan, analog manufacturing equipment is still used on a daily basis. Within these factories, the processes carried out by these machines keep a constant rhythm. Captivated by the image of these machines themselves, the oiled surfaces glittering in motion, and the reverberating rhythm they produce, we began to gather field recordings and video samples.
While visiting these factories, as we listened to what they had to say, we walked away with a lasting impression and a new appreciation of the high level of technology possessed by these small factories. We wanted to help people understand the charm of these small local factories in hopes that their high level of skill and technology are passed on to the next generation. With this in mind, we set out to create this label. A large number of musicians have participated in the project and turned the sounds sampled into musical compositions. We will take these tracks, pair them with video taken at the factories themselves, and release music videos. We are hoping to use this label to show the world the pure elegance of the sights and sounds of the factories of Japan.


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  • Rintaro Shimohama
  • Yuki Shintani
  • Masafumi Fujioka
  • Toshihide Kimura (MOODMAN)


Art Director: Rintaro Shimohama / Copy Writer, Sound Director: Toshihide Kimura (MOODMAN) / Writer: Yuki Shintani / Art Director (Web), Designer (Web): Masanori Sakamoto (DELTRO INC.) / Technical Director (Web), Front-end Engineer (Web): Ken Murayama (DELTRO INC.) / Front-end Engineer (Web): Shogo Yano (DELTRO INC.) / Assistant (Web): Takumi Abe (DELTRO INC.) / Producer: Masafumi Fujioka / Production Manager: Ryotaro Omori, Wataru Kitamoto / Researcher: Hajime Yakushiji, Dan Ushikubo / Adviser: Masato Otsubo, Hidetoshi Kuranari, Yasuharu Sasaki, Hirozumi Takakusaki / Partners: Yuki Precision Co., Ltd.