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iwasa haguruma
inner science

岩佐歯車製作所 ×
Inner Science

iwasa haguruma

Images of cascading machine oil and glittering metal form focal points in this landscape of gears, grinding as they are whittled down to size. Inner Science’s new track is a perfect match for the almost other worldly scene. The listener is able to enjoy the space created in the gaps between the reverberating clanging sounds of metal. This ambient track highlights the tension and release that is part of the inherent beauty of the factory.

  • In the manufacture of large metal gears, oil is constantly applied while the gear is slowly carved into shape. The gold piece is not itself a gear, but a blade. As the gear spins, the blade cuts, bit by bit, until the gear reaches the desired shape.

  • The creation of a plastic gear. The spinning object above is the product, the one below is the blade. A they both spin, a groove is gradually cut into the gear.

  • Gears with cogs on the inside are creating through the raising and lowering of a cutting implement. The large metal cylinder visible here is the product, and the component moving up and down is the blade being used to shape it.

  • The finished gears have a wide variety of applications. The gear in this picture seems to be a part of the mechanism used in an automatic door.


iwasa haguruma

Iwasahaguruma Co., Ltd.

Iwasa is a three-man operation founded in Ota, Tokyo, in 1974. Their specialty is cutting spur gears, helical gears, spiral bevel gears, and cup rings for internal gears. They handle the entire process, from materials to heat treatment, polishing, sharpening, and screw grinding, and even simultaneous lathing and milling. They even have the technology to measure and restore damaged gears. With their dependable technology and uncompromising quality, they have won the local titles of “Tokyo Meister” and “Artisan of Ota.”


track maker

Inner Science

Inner Science is the solo act of Masumi Nishimura. Balancing penetrating, dazzling tones and melodies with powerful rhythms, he creates rich, unique instrumental electronic music. His songs and his immersive live performances are earning his recognition everywhere. His second collection of original sound collages, Assembles 58, was released in December 2015, followed by the two-song digital single Single Compression in June 2016. His ambient music collection Ambient Throb was released in August 2016.



who made this

Naoya Tokunou

music mastering

Born in 1979 in Abashiri, Hokkaido. Began his career in 1999 as an engineer in Setagaya’s Heartbeat recording studio. Freelance from 2009. Currently based in Kyoto, working with various artists doing live PA work, recording, mixing, and mastering.

Keisuke Inoue


Born in 1987 in Kobe. Attended Nihon University. Graduated with a major in photography. Joined Amana Inc. in 2011. Freelance since 2014.


Ryosuke Sone

video director

Attended Tama Art University and graduated with a major in graphic design. Working as a director/designer/planner.

Bushitsu Inc.

photo production

Web and video production company. The two founders who claim they had the most fun during their after school activity days, recreated the atmosphere of an after school club in the form of a company, where people with a common goal naturally gather. The company mascot is the animated character Emiru chan who is also the club PR manager.